International Conference on

"Nonlinear Phenomena in Biology, Ecology, Physics and Mechanics"

in honour of Professor Messoud Efendiev on the occasion of his 70th birthday

The conference will take place from 22-26 October 2023 at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC)

Messoud Efendiyev

Conference Schedule and Preliminary Program

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Sunday (October 22, 2023): Arrival of the participants

(Oct. 23, 2023)
(Oct. 24, 2023)
(Oct. 25, 2023)
(Oct. 26, 2023)
08:30 Bus transfer from hotel to UNEC campus Bus transfer from hotel to UNEC campus Bus transfer from hotel to UNEC campus
09:00-10:30 Visit of the tomb of national leader Heydar Aliyev and the alley of martyrs 09:00-09:20 S. Sivaloganathan: A Coupled PDE Model of High Intensity Ultrasound Heating of Biological Tissue T. Yokota: Boundedness in a Degenerate Chemotaxis System for Tumor Invasion A. Beridze: On Axiomatic Homology Theory of General Topological Spaces
09:25-09:45 S. Isayeva: Transmission Acoustic Problems for Nonstationary Equations U. Umayra Taghiyeva: Climate Change as a Nonlinear Phenomenon D. Duduchava: Shell Equation Derived by the \Gamma-Convergence
09:50-10:10 T. Sengül: Two Approaches to Instability Analysis of the Viscous Burgers' Equation A.A. Zaidi: Pantograph Type Partial Differential Equations and Tumor Growth K. Kumazaki: On a Multiscale Problem Describing Water Swelling in Porous Materials
10:30-11:00 Registration of the participants in the 3rd campus of UNEC Faculties 10:15-10:35 A.R. Aliev: On the Conditions for the Existence of Smooth Solutions from Sobolev-Type Space for two Classes of Fourth Order Operator-Differential Equations Y. Enatsu: Semi Wave Solutions for a Diffusive SI Model with Free Boundary J. Cresson: Dynamics of Stochastic Hamiltonian Systems
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00-12:45 Opening Ceremony 11:00-11:20 V. Kadymov: Contact Problems of Plastic Flow in a Thin Layer - Theory, Boundary Value Problems, Solutions and Applications S. Sonner: Degenerate Reaction Diffusion Systems Modeling in Biofilm Growth R. Khalilov: Iron-Containing Nanoparticles in Biological Systems and its Biomedical Applications
11:25-11:45 A. Morimura: Weak Solvability for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations Having Non-Monotone Boundary Conditions M.P. Sorensen: Reaction Diffusion Advection Induced Growth Patterns of Biofilms in a Centrifugal Lab-on-a-Disc Platform A. Eftehari: Combination of in Vitro and Mathematical Investigations by Adverse Outcome Pathway to Identify Toxicants of the Mitochondria
11:50-12:10 T. Krisztin: Periodic and Connecting Orbits for MacKey-Glass Type Equations E. Holzbecher: On Mass Transport in Sediments and Soil t.b.c.
12:15-12:35 Y. Du: Propagation Dynamics of the Nonlocal KPP Equation with Free Boundaries E. Popova: Stability of a Spacecraft Equipped with a Sail Moving Along an Intense Laser Beam t.b.c.
12:45-14:00 Lunch in the 3rd campus of UNEC Faculties 12:40-14:00 Lunch in the 3rd campus of UNEC Faculties Lunch in the 3rd campus of UNEC Faculties 12:40-13:00
Closing ceremony
14:00-14:20 M. Cant: War and Peace Since Life Began - How Intergroup Conflict Shapes the Evolution of Biological Societies 14:00-14:20 C. Rocha: On the Structure of the Infinitesimal Generators of Semigroups with Discrete Lyapunov Functionals
14:25-14:45 K. Khanin: First Passage Percolation in Random Potentials of the Product Type 14:25-14:45 V. Kalantarov: Stablizaition of Solutions to Equations Modelling Dynamics of Viscoelatic Fluids
14:50-15:10 M. Büchele: Nonlinear Phenomena and Possible Significance in Fruit Growing Research 14:50-15:10 T. Aiki: New Mathematical Model for Elastic Collision
15:15-15:35 H. Eberl: A Spatio-Temporal Model of Fireblight During Bloom 15:15-15:35 F. Rupp: Modeling & Simulating the Stochastic Dynamics of Games with Three Pure Strategies
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break 15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:20 M. Otani: Existence and Nonexistence of Global Solutions for Fujita-Type Equations with Some Nonlinear Boundary Conditions 16:00-16:20 R. Czaja: Finite-Dimensional Global and Exponential Attractors for Some Fourth Order Problems in R^N
16:25-16:45 M. Grossi: Critical Points of Semi-Stable Solutions of Laplace-Beltrami Operator on Surfaces 16:25-16:45 A. Rodriguez-Bernal: Homogeneous Spaces, Operators and Semigroups - Optimal Estimates, Spectral Analysis and Perturbations
16:50-17:10 F. Hamdullahpur: Deep Convolutional Surrogates and Freedom in Thermal Design 16:50-17:10 t.b.c.
17:15-17:35 H. Knüpfer: Optimal Size for Magnetic Domains in Thin Ferromagnetic Films 17:15-17:35 t.b.c.
17:40-18:40 Dinner in the 3rd campus of UNEC Faculties 17:40-19:00 Walking tour in Icerisher (historic part of Baku)
18:40-19:15 Drive to the Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music 19:00-22:00 Banquet at the Mugam Restaurant
19:30- Concert at the Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music

Committees and Contact Information

Scientific Comittees

  • A. Benilan - Spain
  • H. Berestycki - France
  • Y. Du - Australia
  • F. Hamel - France
  • M. Sörensen - Denmark
  • C. Rocha - Portugal
  • M. Otani - Japan
  • F. Rupp - Germany
  • A. Stevens - Germany
  • S.M. Verduyn Lunel - The Netherlands
  • J. Webb - United Kingdom
  • J. Wu - Canada

Local Organizing Committees

  • Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • State Committee on Work with Diaspora, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • UNEC - Azerbaijan State University of Economics
  • BDU - Baku State University
  • IMM - Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics


Republic of Azerbaijan, Cabinet of Ministers

Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Azerbaijan

State Committe on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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